Compact Aircooler

Air Cooler For Home Compact and Handy

Air Coolers are 10 times more energy-efficient than air conditioners, which means lower costs on electricity bills. Air Conditioners on the other hand consume quite a bit of energy. Air Conditioners means higher costs on electricity bills.

Air-conditioners and coolers can not only cause dry eye syndrome, but also affects the immune system. “Cooling systems such as air-conditioners and coolers lead to artificial change in the temperature which is unhealthy for human immune system.

  • Cost effective with energy savings. Personal air coolers are far less expensive than air conditioners and most people can afford them for their cooling needs. …
  • No installation hassles. …
  • Occupies less space. …
  • Portability. …

Air Cooler For Home Compact and Handy

So lets have a look for it.

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iBELL Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air Flow, iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan with 25 Feet Air Delivery, 4 Way Air Flow, High Speed,Anti Rust Body (White) Sleek and Stylish Modular Design.

Light Weight & Portable.
High Air Delivery.

Powerful Air Throw.

Low Power Consumption.
Elegant Design
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Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler For Home with 3-Side Honeycomb Pads Symphony Diet 3D Portable Tower Air Cooler For Home This sleek and efficient tower cooler is suitable for rooms up to 14 square meters.

3D cooling.

Low Power Consumption.
Powerful Blower.
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Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 75L; with Everlast Pump Crompton Ozone with Everlast Pump, Auto Fill, 4-Way Air Deflection ENHANCED AIR FLOW AND COOLING.


Rust-free body with smooth, easy to clean exteriors.

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Bajaj PX 97 Torque New 36L Personal Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads Bajaj  Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads, Turbo Fan Technology, Powerful Air Throw and 3-Speed Control 36-Litre Water Tank.

Anti-bacterial Honeycomb pads.

Turbo Fan technology with 30-feet Air throw.

Superior Air Delivery of 1500 CMH (avg).
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Generic Portable Air Cooler Fan Desktop Cooling Air Conditioner Humidifier Green Portable Air Cooler  4-in-1 mini cooling air conditioner humidifies, purifies and chills the air, LED night light.

3 Different speeds and adjustable air supply angle.
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